At SOXER, we’re obsessed with quality. We make the best socks, at the best price. Period. Using only the finest fibers and materials, SOXER creates comfortable, affordable and stylish socks for any occasion (athletics, casual events, professional settings, etc.). At SOXER, we also value philanthropy; that’s why, for every 10 pairs of socks that we sell, we donate another 5 pairs to homeless shelters around the midwest. We’ll never stop trying to make a positive impact in the community.

So that’s us: just a small, hard-working sock company focused on making the world’s best socks, and bettering the community. That’s who we are, and that’s who we’ll always be. You can check out some of our high quality socks on our home page; hopefully you’ll enjoy wearing these socks as much as we’ve enjoyed making them.

All the best,

The SOXER family