SOXER & The Community

We are living in a tumultuous time; a time filled with anxiety, terror, oppression and poverty. At SOXER, we believe the only way to fight these societal ills is through compassion and empathy. We have always been involved with philanthropic endeavors, and remain active in the community, but now we’re taking things a step further: for every 5 pairs of socks we sell, we will donate another 5 pairs to homeless shelters around the world. We know a pair of socks won’t change someone’s life, nor will it fix the horror of poverty in the world, but if this small gesture can help someone through a time of need, then it is worth the effort. We will remain dedicated to bringing positivity to the world, and we encourage you, the SOXER customers and community, to do the same.


All the best,

The SOXER Family